Club Land Rover Ireland 4x4 Jamboree Off Road Course, Fairyhouse Race Course - 13th August 2006

As a member of the above club (due to my Land Rover ownership) we took the Sprinter along to the event with the Land Rover Defender 130 Station Wagon. It was on it's fresh BF Goodrich MT rubber ready to attempt the public offroad course. A dry spell had left the course parched, but the arrival of several thousand gallons of water helped make the course a little more interesting. The 130, despite it's extra long wheelbase, faired very well on the course. Once we had completed a few laps in the Land Rover, we swapped it with the Sprinter. The looks of astonishment on the gathered crowds said it all. The girl steward at the entrance to the course flagged us down and said we couldn't go through. It didn't take much persuasion to get her to let us onto the course (in fact, later in the afternoon, we let her drive the Sprinter around the course and she loved it!).

Here are some of the photos taken on the course. It was a selection of bumpy sections, with axle twisters plus a couple of significant ramps/dips, both with water. The photos do not show the true steepness of them.

It's hold on tight for the axle-twisters



Climbing out of the first hole (being filled with more water)


Descending into the water hazard


Sneaking in a photo of my Land Rover Defender 130 V8 auto - 275bhp Stage 3 4.6 litre


Lap two


Land Rover-owning steward girl at the wheel